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Technical direction

Padova Originale is a project by Pietro Casetta for which, in order to guarantee conformity to norms relative to tourism, he has trusted the technical direction of itineraries to the travel and tour agency Delta Tour s.n.c. To ensure working efficiency on said itineraries, the tourist vessels, experience and professionalism of Delta Tour Navigazione Turistica are all utilised.


Padova Originale collaborates with professionals who have been trained in the philosophy of the project by its creator, in other words, people who can meet the high standards of this initiative. Their cultural backgrounds are a starting point, but alone not enough to guarantee collaboration.

Who is it for?
Padova Originale is for people who love to go beyond the textbooks and guidebooks, or rather, those who love to observe things and use critical sense. However, it is not limited to particularly gifted members of the public, but is for those who are sensitive to the values and culture of the region.