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Padova Originale works with the means of Delta Tour Navigazione Turistica and primarily with the following team:

  1. Pietro Casetta
  2. Rudy Toninato
  3. Giovanna Castellaro
  4. Laura Ceccato
  5. Anna Chapochnikova
  6. Lorella Forcella
  7. Alberto Grohovaz
  8. Anna Indri Raselli
  9. Valentina Pagetta
  10. Silvia Spera
  11. Alessandro Varisco
I am the founder of Padova Originale and an environmental-nature guide. The idea for this tourist initiative came to me after more than twenty five years of collaboration with Delta Tour Navigazione Turistica, and more still spent in contact with people. What I have seen has convinced me that tourism is changing, and what people are looking for can be summed up in the motto of this project: “No names, no dates, no bookish explanations… just style, emotions and authenticity”. I look forward to meeting you!
I'm the administrator of Delta Tour Tourist Navigation, established with my brother Diego and my father Mario in 1986 when, in order to share with everyone the passion for our beloved area (lake and river land), we decided to turn us into "enterprise". I granted with pleasure the request to cooperate with “Padova Originale”, because like us it was the result of a passion too. So I placed my professional competence as Capitan end Team manager but also our ships and our organization at disposal. The hope is that “Padova Originale” will not remain only… in Padua! All the environments where Delta Tour works everyday are waiting for it ! Not only Padua with its canals and waterways, but also the Po Delta Natural Park, the Venetian Lagoon, Mantova Lakes, the Mincio Park, as well as the Brenta Riviera and its Venetian Villas.
I speak Italian, English and Spanish. I have been a guide for some years now and I have throdden on the same streets several times, but whenever I bring tourists in Padua I feel like it is a brand new experience. Each single visitor brings a new look or a new interest and this is what can really make me discover new aspects of the "same old city". And I realize that every single word exchanged with visitors can really enrich my job. This is what is peculiar about my attitude as a tourist guide: sharing information, experiences, feelings on the road and being aware that all around there are wonderful treasures to be discovered together, even in the details.
I speak Italian , French , English . I chose to become a tour guide because I want to communicate the characteristics of the places where I live , the characters and the places that have contributed to our story . I love to leave a memory and teaching . I like to rebuild the lives of monuments , reassemble the history, architecture , painting , enriching them with the habits and customs , tradition and , why not , curiosity . I do not like to dwell on long and boring historical notions full of dates , numbers , theory and rhetoric.
Parlo russo e inglese. Ho deciso di diventare Guida turistica grazie alla mia forte capacità di relazione anche in ambiente multiculturale e scolastico. Mi piace l’Italia! Non mi piace lavorare da sola, e senza soddisfare il pubblico.
I speak Italian, French and German. I chose to be tourist guide to express my vocation: communication. I like enthuse my audience through "verve", color, and comparing the cultures and mentalities. I do not like too much the visits restricted to the time, although I understand that there are needs that may make them unavoidable.
I speak Italian and English. Anything started with an Erasmus experience in Norway, taken in the late 90s. There, becoming tourleader and photographer was just a natural consequence discovering a great passion for those disciplines. "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?" ...this is maybe the first thought coming to Your mind, since I am on the way to introduce myself to You as a member of Padova Originale, but in the meantime I talk about Scandinavia... Actually I do think that all the entire world is very interesting, and why not, even fascinating, You have to find the key words to tell it capturing the interest of those who decide to visit it with You. Or at least You have to make a good effort in order to achieve this goal. I strongly believe that Padova Originale has the right attitude to do this... And this is the reason why it's a pleasure - and an honor at the same time - to work with Padova Originale's staff, in order to try to make this challenging goal to be achieved.
My great passion is to tell our region at the table through the recipes and products of our territory. I speak Italian and English, and I often cook for foreigners, from America to Russia. But I always try to offer my old family recipes, learned as a child watching the grandmothers cooking in our kitchen. I have revisited and sometimes adapted to the palate of those unfamiliar with the Veneto's food, but I never gave up the tastes of our tradition. From such a big love for our region is a pleasure to cooperate with Padova Originale. Few words, we leave the floor to taste...
I speak Italian, English and French. I studied art and tourism and I chose to become a tour guide because I'm madly in love with Padua and its surroundings. I tell Padua's history, art and culture with passion: forget endless explanations, boring lists and dates... a guided tour with me will be a wonderful experience!
Parlo italiano, inglese e francese Sono laureata in Conservazione dei Beni Culturali a Venezia. Ho scelto di diventare guida turistica grazie alla mia passione per l’arte, la cultura e la storia, che amo trasmettere agli altri. Non mi piace raccontare cose ovvie e scontate, e cerco sempre di coinvolgere chi mi ascolta: …ogni visita guidata è per me un “viaggio” emozionante e unico!
I speak English, French and a bit of German. And I fly. I’ve been flying since 1999, at first for fun, then as a pro. When the air is calm and clean, I love showing my passengers the Venice Lagoon from above, or the Dolomites. Or Padua, with its fantastic “Prato della Valle”, the market squares and their imposing Palazzo della Ragione, the small rivers and gardens. I’m always so touched when I see my flight mates amazed in front of such beauty. So, shall we take-off?