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Padova Originale - The Project

No names, no dates, no bookish explanations...
...just style, emotion, and authenticity

Padova Originale is a collection of proposals for tourists created with:

  • an original point of view: geographic
  • an original style of communication: journalistic
  • an original broadcast method: looking not just at art but also technology

Padova Originale depicts the artistic and natural characteristics of the area and values:

  • contemporary art, including new architectural, environmental and landscaping projects
  • unofficial art, including Masonic style and engineering works of the past and present
  • technological art, including new energy technologies and hydraulic works

Padova Originale, therefore, tells the story of the art and nature of Padua, integrating traditional art-history themed texts and interpretations of the contexts in which works have been placed, viewing them as elements of the wider network of cultural proofs of which they are a part.

Padova Originale is the product of Pietro Casetta’s very "original" experience in the fields of culture and communication. Padova Originale comes from:

  • the creator’s training as a geographer, which has led to an alternative approach to the territory and its monuments that complements the traditional art-history approach
  • the creator’s work as a journalist, which requires an approach with the public based on involvement and participation. The creator, lastly, is also a nature-environment guide.